Erica has a very unique and special skill set. She is able to connect with the animals that she works with to help them clear energy blockages, allowing them to heal from within. Her energy work is gentle and true, and I trusted her with the care and support of my own dog who was suffering from health challenges. I recommend Erica’s assistance to many of my clients whose pets need more that conventional medicine can offer. Her kindness and gentle presence will be healing for all who experience the work that she does. 


- Lisa Haberstroh, DVM, CVA

Screen Shot 2020-07-11 at 7.52.53 AM.png


I can’t say enough about Erica. She is truly a gifted and talented intuitive energy healer! 


My first experience with Erica was the work she did for my dog, a Great Dane/Mastiff who was suffering with bone cancer. Although we were caring for his medical needs for the physical pain we knew he had some emotional pain as well. Erica did one session for Murphy and since that time he is no longer limping and the tumor has shrunk significantly! 


Erica also works on all of the horses here at The Carolyn Resnick Ranch and I have seen significant changes in my personal horse since his sessions with her. He came to us just a few months ago with a lot of nervousness and fear and immediately after she worked with him the first time there was a significant shift in his demeanor. As a professional horse trainer that teaches humans how to connect with horses at Liberty, I am blown away by her natural ability to immediately connect to the horses. Her calm energy and soft presence is mesmerizing to witness and the horses love it! 


Erica’s work is divine gift to animals, and to the humans that care for them. I highly recommend her to everyone I know  I am so grateful for her kindness and dedication to all beings! She is the real deal!!

- Nancy Zintsmaster 

Co-Founder, and Certified Instructor, Carolyn Resnick Method




Erica provides an invaluable bridge for us between the clinical care from our regular and specialty veterinarians and the unseen-world of energy medicine. Her intelligent mind and compassionate heart are a dynamic duo: our dog has achieved a level of overall wellness we have not found with any single approach. He’s moving more freely after knee and skin cancer surgeries, his allergies are better, he’s calmer. In just 3 sessions, she removed years of stored trauma (from multiple surgeries and early weaning at 4.5 weeks). We have a 90-pound dog, previously fear-reactive to certain people and animals, who is blossoming in record time into a happier, more grounded, confident, pain-free bundle of joy who is a joy for other people and dogs to encounter as well.  


Her versatility is unique in my experience. A gifted healer, she is also a skilled animal communicator and effective “wrangler,” providing practical training tips and insights into doggie psychology that have been life-changing for our household. I met Erica through a longtime friend involved in animal rescue. Through Erica’s deep commitment to animal wellness, she has amassed an impressive stable of professional and educational resources. Dollar for dollar, Erica is the best value I’ve ever received for my pets’ wellness! Seeing our dog thrive in body, mind, and spirit has deepened my understanding of what our animals need, and what works for them. She is such a skilled communicator herself, I felt completely at ease from our first meeting. There is no question or issue regarding our pets I would hesitate to ask, knowing she will treat them with care, humor and respect. I would trust her with any pet-conundrum or health challenge. I can’t thank her enough; I wish I had found her sooner.

- Mari Wadsworth

Dog World Magazine Editor 2004-2006



I found Leo’s session with Erica to be quite fascinating and very informative. I was not able to be with him or her in person, but I was able to be with her on the phone while she worked with him. I loved listening to her narration as she moved through his body; I have never had an experience like that. He had very bad hoof rot in his right, front hoof (and a tiny bit in all the others) and after the session it cleared up almost overnight, which totally amazed me. Though I can’t remember WHAT she said to me, because I was too captivated to take notes, her description of the driving force behind the hoof rot made perfect sense to me and helped me to understand him better. I saw a clear change in his demeanor when I went to see him the next day and he also had, in my presence, one of the finest and firmest poops he’s ever had, which was a happy surprise since he tends to have runny ones. This was also a confirmation for me that that issue was related to anxiety, since he seemed much calmer and more comfortable in his body. I also loved hearing Erica's description of his personality and way of being in the world because it was right on and I felt happy for him to have the experience with her and reassured that she really understood him and his needs. I am grateful for Erica's work and that this great offering is available to other animals in this world.  I'm sure they are grateful as well, because I know Leo was. He thanked me several times!

Susie Guran

Intuitive Homeopath &

Instructor and Program Director at

The Horses's Touch, Inc.

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Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 11.26.05 AM.pn


There are no words for the amount of peace Erica has been able to provide not once, but twice in my house. First incident was behavioral and the second incident was communicating with my heart dog who had passed away very suddenly. 


After an extreme case of fear and PTSD in my german shepherd after an accidental firework incident (thank you neighbors) I struggled for weeks to get my girl to go outside after dark. I would have to push her outside just to potty and it was really debilitating to our human animal bond. After one session with Erica where she identified the root of the issue and was able to energetically provide assistance to my dog and help her realize she is safe, my problems were gone. I’m not sure if the norm is one session and done but what I do know is I got home that night after the session and it was dark out and I opened the door and she immediately ran outside, no struggle, no hesitation, no fear- and she’s been completely fine since then. 


Fast forward when tragedy struck and my heart dog, Bruiser a bullmastiff, passed away very unexpectedly at home. I had no closure and I knew I needed to talk to him just one more time. Not only was Erica extremely compassionate she couldn’t have been more accurate in all that she uncovered. She spoke to so many things that otherwise would have left me with millions of questions- I had closure and a smile after chatting with her and knew that there were things coming I could be excited about. 


I don’t just refer people to Erica if they need someone- I recommend her to EVERYONE. I think every household could benefit from knowing what’s going on in those little furry brains- good, bad, ugly, sad whatever it may be!


Thank you Erica for being a consistent advocate for these animals - god knows they need it!

- Jamie Vogel

Vogelhaus German Shepherds

Screen Shot 2018-12-03 at 9.32.47 AM.png


Erica’s a wonderful person, healer and intuitive. In addition to regular, accurate communication with my kitties, she also supports their physical wellbeing. Out of many amazing sessions, a favorite was done via phone for my 15 year-old kitten, Shmooly. Shmoo wasn’t moving much and seemed to be in great pain, despite taking medications for her severe arthritis. Erica intuitively perceived a vertebrae that seemed ‘out of place’ in her lumbar area. She suggested an ‘energetic adjustment’ (to assist her body in self correcting the spinal misalignment).   


After asking for and receiving Shmoo’s permission, she supported Shmoo by ‘moving’ the stuck energy which allowed the vertebrae to shift back into its optimal position. Shmoo laid quietly beside me on the couch until the ‘energy adjustment’ ended. Then, she meowed loudly, jumped off the couch, zoomed around the room and made ‘biscuits’ on the carpet - she was so happy to be feeling better!! We’re so grateful have Erica on Shmoo’s support team!

Rachel Carey

Reiki Healing with Rachel Carey 


Una .jpg


I have so many stories of Erica helping both me personally, and for SPOT Rescue (fearful dogs, aggressive dogs, separation

anxiety dogs, lost dogs). I will share one story, but this doesn't begin to express all she has done for SPOT and me.

Una came to SPOT as a "last chance" after being hit by a car, seriously injured and then found by a good samaritan. Una was extremely fearful, so fearful that the vet staff made the tough decision to remove her right hind leg because she was not able to be handled and due to this, the rehab needed to save her leg would be impossible. 

I fostered Una for a week and she showed no signs of improvement, the vet suggested her extreme fear reactivity/bitting, incontinence, and behavior may be neurological damage from the car incident. I began to wonder if we had done the right thing by saving her, she was clearly suffering so I called Erica. 


Erica came to my house and spent two hours slowly letting Una get comfortable with her even being an entire hallway length apart. Once in the same room, Erica began connecting with Una through communication and energy work. Erica shared what Una was experiencing and supported her in releasing a lot of stored trauma. Within 45 minutes, Erica was able to touch Una. We brought Una out of her crate and she comfortably sat next to both Erica and me. I was amazed as Una had attempted to bite at-least 45 times over the pervious 7 days. From that moment on, Una did not attempt to bite again nor show any signs of incontinence. Erica offered to foster Una and worked with her to get her walking on leash around the neighborhood and comfortable with being touched and held. Erica fostered Una for close to a year before finding her the perfect family. Erica not only saved Una's life, she helped to give her a life filled with joy. 

- Alisa Trejo

SPOT Rescue 


My young teenage daughter was set to show on her jumper. Just hours before the class, her mare began acting skittish and reactive. This horse was very familiar with the show grounds and usually enjoys showing and performs well. As the class grew closer, our trainer was at a loss of what the cause was for this sudden change and how to settle her. For the safety of horse and young rider, we were considering scratching the class. In a last minute attempt, I reached out to Erica. After Erica communicated with her, I could confirm a specific event that had happened early that morning. Once Erica was finished with the session, she was back to her usually calm and professional temperament. Both horse and rider had an excellent showing and most importantly both came out of the ring safe and sound. Erica has become an invaluable part of our equestrian team. 


Rancho Santa Fe




Without the intervention of Erica Tibbetts, my precious standard poodle Vivienne would not be alive today. Vivienne suffered major complications after a fairly routine surgery. Following three weeks of illness, Vivienne was hospitalized in the ICU, in grave condition. Erica was able to establish a connection and receive information about a right side blockage that was communicated with our vet, who concurred with a course of action that saved Vivienne’s life. Our one-year-old is now a strong, delightfully enthusiastic young dog who brings great joy to her family and our neighbors. Although this may sound fanciful, I can promise you that the intuitive abilities of Erica Tibbetts can deliver relief to pets who find themselves in distress. In our case, it was life-saving.  Thank you Erica - with love Vivienne and her family.


San Diego 




When my beloved 8-year-old labradoodle, Bailey, was diagnosed with advanced heart disease and given only months to live, my husband and I were devastated. We explored other treatments in addition to the standard medications and were so fortunate to find Erica Tibbetts, a talented animal intuitive. Using remote communication, Erica displayed an amazing capacity to relate to Bailey and offer healing sessions that were visibly productive.  After each session, Bailey became more relaxed and calm. Erica would often identify areas of concern and gave helpful tips on things we could do.


In my two years of working with her, I have always admired Erica’s compassion, warmth, and understanding. She has continually displayed a generosity with her time answering all my questions and providing insight into issues with Bailey’s heart and how she was feeling in general. I continue to find her highly intuitive and precise. On occasion, when my husband and I travel requiring us to board her for more than a few days, we schedule a time for Erica to check-in with Bailey to make sure all is well. A simple text from her brings us peace of mind while we are away.


Bailey is a miracle dog! She should have been gone by now. Instead, she has the energy of a puppy and now is able to walk a mile a day. The cardiologist has recently reduced her medications. She has changed our lives and continues to teach us what love can do and how great it is to serve. I’m not sure what non-traditional methods or treatments have made the most difference, but I do know that all have contributed to her progress. She will be eleven this year. Each day I consider a blessing and am overwhelmed with gratitude for all that Erica and others have done to contribute to her well-being.


Margo Friedman




I have a ten year-old Chihuahua/Italian greyhound mix named Ellie, that I adopted when she was 3 months-old. She is now totally blind from retinal atrophy. One evening, a few months ago, Ellie ran into something, fell face down onto a tile floor, hitting her head and knocking some teeth out. For two weeks after that, she gradually stopped eating, couldn't keep her balance and seemed to be on a slow decline. After taking Ellie to our veterinarian, I began to think she wasn't going to recover; and thought I might have to make the hard decision.


When I contacted Erica, she began some remote energy work. Over the next few days, she continued remote energy sessions and communicated with Ellie who let us know she wanted time to get well. It was touch and go for several days after that and I still didn't see any hope for recovery. I had already made some calls about in-home euthanasia when, the next day, I took her outside to potty and she stood up and walked perfectly normal. She also started to eat again. I am so grateful to Erica for encouraging me to give Ellie time. 


Erica is a true healer and a gifted, heart-centered animal communicator. Ellie is better than ever and we both are so indebted to Erica for giving her a new lease on life.


Dianne Heater



The results speak for themselves. After a year of traditional vet recommendations for Brighten's eye inflammation, with no improvement, I turned to Erica. After just one session Brighten's eye inflammation dwindled and now, four months later, it's nearly entirely gone. I can't fully explain how it all worked, but I don't need to know. The proof is my happy and healthy pup. I wish Erica could work on me." 

Doug R.

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 11.06.40 PM.pn



Our rescue dog Lola escaped from our yard within 6 days of adopting her. Despite running for almost a mile to catch her, she got away and couldn’t be found. We had visions of her hiding in a canyon since she was scared, or worse, getting hit by a car. We contacted SPOT, the rescue organization we adopted her from, and they recommended that we contact Erica to see if she could communicate with Lola. Luckily we were reunited with Lola about six hours after her escape because a fellow dog owner saw our lost dog sign and called us. However, Erica told us that she saw Lola hiding in the bushes of a pink house on the corner of a street in our neighborhood. When we went to get Lola, we noticed that the house was in our neighborhood, pink, on the corner, and Lola was in the bushes. We were believers from that point. Erica conducted several sessions (in-person and remotely) with Lola to help us with her transition to her new forever home. Lola was a special case in that she did not immediately adjust to living with us. In fact, it took several months for her to even raise, let alone wag, her tail. She was very sad over whatever had led her to be brought to a shelter and then to SPOT’s attention. We didn’t give up on Lola and are happy to report that her tail is high/wags often, she no longer tries to escape from the yard, and knows where home is. Erica’s communication work with Lola definitely helped her relax and learn to adapt to her new home, and for that we are grateful!

Kim Sheredy 

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Erica is someone I met because she had fostered a dog I adopted. I had two other dogs in my home at the time and there were challenges with blending the pack. As time went on I noticed my yellow lab, Sandy, was not acting the way she normally would. She was limping and her rear was giving away at times. Sandy will be nine years-old, so initially I thought it was age. I started her on Lubrisyn which did help her some, but she still did not seem herself. Sandy has other underlying medical issues as well. I contacted Erica because of these changes in her demeanor, while still pleasant, she just didn’t seem happy. I had read about animal communication when I was a teen so I am very open to the concept and have used it myself from time to time. Erica worked with Sandy one afternoon, focusing on her back and spine. She identified that Sandy was carrying a great deal of sadness with her. She did some energy adjustments, while we were on the phone, to Sandy’s back. I was out of town at the time of our session and when I returned, as she usually is, Sandy was very happy to see me. The happiness was different this time, it was very genuine and more like the first time I met her at our local shelter. I waited a couple of weeks to see how she would behave. I noticed she was walking better, no limp, and she did not have the “give way” in her rear. The biggest change I noticed in her was one evening she was running around the back yard! I had not seen her do that in forever!! She runs up to me with great joy now! I am thankful that Erica has the skills and the knowledge to be able to work with my pack. She has done a wonderful job with them! Thank you so much Erica!!

Pamela DeCamp 

Pam DeCamp Photography



A sweet and noble rescue pup, Sir Lancelot, a worthy namesake for him, came into our lives 9 months ago. We love him so much and chose to take on his medical ailments when we adopted him. It’s been a journey to heal him. Erica has been absolutely instrumental in this process, so much so that after just her very first visit, Lancelot took an immediate step for the better. And she does it with the most generous of hearts - it’s out of pure devotion that she operates. We are so grateful for her! If you are seeking an alternative or additional healing journey for your animal, bring Erica onto your team. Like us, you will be happy you did. 

Aaryn Lynn 




Yahoo! is my 9 month old Australian Kelpie. She’s a wonderful dog, sweet, smart and a goofball. Unfortunately she was experiencing separation anxiety. I’ve never had a dog with this issue before and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. It’s heartbreaking. I tried working with behavior modification but she was so panicked she couldn’t think. Through Facebook I started talking to Alicia Bloomfield, and she generously gave a complete stranger advise and suggested I speak with Erica Tibbetts, an animal intuitive. Erica uses animal communication and energy healing to work with animals. I was skeptical about these techniques, especially over the phone, but I was willing to try anything to help my sweet kelpie. I’m sure I can’t explain it well, but it works. I contacted Erica and explained the issues Yahoo! was having, and she worked with her over the phone. That night she behaved worse than usual, and I thought, “oh well, that didn’t work”. I was still hopeful so I kept a close eye on Yahoo! to see if there was any improvement over the next week. I also kept up the behavioral modification. Well, no luck, she was still panicking. So, I contacted Erica to give her an update. She immediately responded even though it was a Saturday, and started working on her again. She continued to work on Yahoo! over the next few days to go deeper and deeper into her thought process. I was so grateful that she cared about Yahoo!, a dog she never met in person, as much as I care for her. I started to see little changes. Erica even reviewed my cameras to see exactly what she was doing. It’s now 6-7 weeks from Yahoo!’s first recorded separation anxiety attack and I can leave her home, crated or loose, and she doesn’t panic. Behavior modification just wasn’t enough because she wasn’t in the right frame of mind to accept it. Erica got her in the right frame of mind, and I will be forever thankful.

Laura M.

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 11.23.46 PM.pn


Erica has surpassed our expectations with her ability to communicate with our animals. She first worked with us to help our timid foster cat Piper. Since being in our care, Piper had hidden from us only coming out on occasion if he felt it was safe and quiet. After Erica’s first session with Piper, we could instantly see a change in his behavior. Piper became very vocal around the house and began to show us more affection. After a second session, we noted Piper began to exhibit more confidence when interacting with our personal house cats. Erica was able to share with us experiences from his past that would easily explain his struggles with personal interaction. We are still working with Erica and Piper to help him overcome his fears so he can find a wonderful forever home. 

Leah Christianson 


Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 11.28.31 PM.pn



Erica’s talents have no boundaries. Not only did she work behaviorally with Piper our foster cat, she was successfully able to assist us in locating our missing tortoise. Our tortoise Bitsy had been missing for 5 days. I had been scouring the property, beating bushes and looking everywhere the eye could see. We live on 4 acres atop a hill with only one neighbor above and one below and an open space reserve behind us. That is a vast amount of space for a juvenile tortoise to travel. I was extremely worried about Bitsy being in the elements and especially concerned about the packs of coyotes who travel our property often. At first, Erica did not come to mind. Then it dawned on me, maybe she can reach my tortoise as well. I quickly sent her an email with a short video of Bitsy attached asking if she could possibly reach out to her. I received a very quick response letting me know she had connected with her and she seemed to be ok. Fifteen minutes later she sent me another message asking me a question about her ever getting stuck and more specifically with great detail a description of where she may be: “do you have a deck area, or anywhere near your home that has a flat wooden surface/structure she could get under?” I did not, but my neighbor up the hill surely did. Low and behold, she had been stuck underneath their deck. We were so elated to have found Bitsy, as was she. She is very happily back in her safe enclosure. We are forever grateful for the work she has done for us and with our animals. I highly recommend Erica for not only behavioral issues with pets, but her acute focus on finding lost animals.

Leah Christianson 

Maverick copy.jpg


Thank you for facilitating a more powerful connection between my and my boys. There is no greater gift possible in the whole universe. I’m profoundly grateful for everything you do for me and my dogs. It might not make sense but I’m triple grateful… I’m grateful for how you heal my dogs, I’m grateful for how you help me heal my dogs and I’m grateful for the opportunity to be grateful for the entire process, which inevitably helps me heal. Since you started helping me and my boys, there’s been a lot more magic in our lives, it’s really remarkable. You express all the information in the most effective and wonderful way that it creates a living story. Thank you for all the joy!

Erin McCarthy 



Where do I even start? Erica is amazing. I am a VERY skeptical person, and I was blown away by her accuracy.

A bit of back story: My extremely timid rescue dog was missing for 16 days in coyote country, rural North San Diego County and I honestly believe that Erica's work with him played a HUGE part in his fight for survival. She connected with him constantly throughout the time he was missing, sending him calming energy, because he was SO scared and stressed out. He is a VERY skittish dog. She described images that my dog was sending to her, to help me narrow down the areas he could be hiding. She sensed that he had pain in his rear left leg, and told me it was bothering him. She described a low-profile white picket fence at the bottom of a pasture-like hill, near a water source, and a blue Chevy truck with the hood popped open. She told me my dog was sending her images of a barn-like structure and a man that he had been observing but was not sure he could trust, and that he was so scared to show himself to this man.


Erica continuously reached out to my dog, encouraging him to show himself to the man, or to anyone.


The night we located my dog, he was found hiding in a ditch filled with water, just outside a property with a low-profile, white picket fence, at the bottom of a pasture-like hill. Directly behind the ditch was an abandoned, dark gray/blue Chevy truck with the hood popped open. He had been struck by a car, and had a large cut on his left rear leg, and his left hip was dislocated. I had received a call that morning from a man who lived on the property, who lived in a small trailer next to a large steel barn, and had found him sleeping on his front porch late the prior evening.


So on the 16th night after he went missing, we found him in the exact location Erica described, with injuries to the exact area of his leg that he had communicated to her. I had goosebumps that night when I saw where he was, and I have them again now as I type this.


If I described the entire experience, from start to finish--from the night he ran away, to the night we found him... no one would believe how perfectly the stars aligned for us. Erica's work played a pivotal role in the recovery of my beloved dog. She was supportive not only of my dog, but of me as well. She was personally invested in the search for him, and her support not only kept him grounded, but me as well. I went from being a true skeptic, to a firm believer: Erica is the REAL DEAL, and I am forever grateful to her for everything that she did for us.


Julia M.


Erica is a true blessing in our lives! She helped our family through a tough loss and was there for us before, during, and after. Being able to check in with my sweet furkids, both living and passed on, brings me a joy and peace that I could never have without her. Thank you Erica!

Crysta Meador


We can't thank you enough for taking the time to help us, we ALL REALLY APPRECIATE IT, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! My husband was the last one to leave for work tonight and he said he did what I did the night before, sit with her and her blanket on the couch and talk to her, she was relaxing on the couch with her blanket when he left, not having any signs of a panic attack that she has been doing for almost a year now... The tips you have suggested and time spent communicating with Baci have been life changing for all of us.

Heidi Secrist