During a session, my intention is to help your

animal find a natural state of balance, harmony

and healing. 


As an Energy Intuitive with more than twenty-five years of experience, I am highly skilled at perceiving your animal's energy field. Just like us, animals have their own personality, their own emotions, their own way of experiencing the world. During a session I use telepathy which is the

transference of thoughts, feelings and images, to connect and communicate with your animal. The most helpful component of a session may simply be to help you see life through the eyes of your animal, giving you the power to support, build, or in some cases rebuild, the best relationship for you both. 

Along with the use of telepathy, also known as animal communication, I use my intuitive skills to perceive your animal's physical, emotional and mental energy field where emotional or mental patterns, energy blocks and trauma can contribute to behavioral or health challenges. In these cases I work with your animal, following their field of energy and their body's own natural intelligence, to assist in resolving anything that is ready to be released or re-patterned.  

Animal communication and energy healing produce amazing results, however my sessions are not intended to be a replacement for proper veterinary care or training. Which is why I routinely work in combination with veterinarians and trainers to ensure your animal has the opportunity to receive the best possible wholistic care.

How I Work