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 Support for animals
& the people
who love them.

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Short Bio

My work revolves around the use of energy intuition to support animals in general wellness or to address specific health and behavioral challenges. I have been fortunate to work in partnership with veterinarians, trainers, rescues and sanctuaries. 

My clients include an array of species and come from all over the country. Even with my 25 years of experience in energy intuition, I like to believe I am just getting started. To see what a session may include take a look at what's in a session and read what people say it's like to work with me.





Growing up I shared my life with horses, dogs, cats, goats, rabbits, a mouse, fish and even two tarantulas. Our household was filled with a kind and gentle care for animals and these experiences helped to cultivate the awareness that animals are equal and beloved family members.

Over the years, having spontaneous telepathic communication with the animals became a natural occurrence.

In 2013 I was introduced to Joan Ranquet and began to formally study animal communication, energy healing for animals and EFT for animals at Communication With All Life University. The two years I spent studying with Joan gave me grounded, real world experience and allowed me to put into practice the use of animal communication and EFT as a catalyst for transformation and healing.


For the next few years my telepathic and intuitive skills were honed and routinely put to the test as a special needs foster for health and behavior challenged dogs. I am hard pressed to think of an illness, injury or behavior that I did live with in my home. Fortunately through the use of animal communication, energy healing and a wonderful network of support, each and every foster dog that found their way to my home is now thriving in a home of their very own.

Today, I share these little gems of real world experience to support my personal clients and rescues around the country. 

Energy Healing &

Energy Intuition Background

In 1992 I graduated from the School of Healing Arts as a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Zen-Touch Shiatsu Practitioner. During my time at SOHA, I spent two years studying with Seymour Koblin, NCCAOM Diplomate ABT, HHP, Kushi Institute CI, PhD, in his Zen-Touch Shiatsu Program. I became fascinated with the body's meridian system and how energy flows or does not flow freely through the body. After completing many case studies, I was able to see how everything from what we eat, to our daily routine, to our emotions (both past and present)

directly effects our health. And even more importantly, how we can use this awareness to help our bodies and minds balance and heal. In 1993 I was invited to teach in SOHA's Zen-Touch Shiatsu Program and had the opportunity to introduce hundreds of students to the foundations of shiatsu, acupressure, yin/yang based nutrition and the 5 elements theory. 

As someone who continually shared my life with animals, it was a completely natural transition to begin to apply everything that I was teaching at SOHA to the animals around me. I quickly began to experience how highly intelligent and naturally in tune with energy animals are, and their willingness to be open and receptive to energy work was a whole new fascination for me. 

Over the next 20 years, I was fortunate to study  various energy modalities with trusted teachers  who helped to shape the work I do today. In 1994 I began studying with Yoneko Nakachi H.H.P. who became a life-long mentor and taught me the breadth and depth of the body's energy systems 

and how to facilitate balance within them. I spent

eight years with Pam "Pohai" Daugherty who immersed me in Hawai'ian culture and the power of grace and heart-centered healing. In 2001 I began a 4-year internship with Dr. Nathan Cohen D.C., where I experienced an even deeper understanding of the body's energy systems, energy based structural alignments, nutrition and the importance of always following the body's own natural intelligence.

Over the years my work has evolved holistically

to include the physical structure of the body, the energetic systems including the meridians, chakras and the body's field of energy, all with a focus on releasing or re-setting patterns to allow for the deepest healing.


Today, I use this collective knowledge and experience as the foundation for the energy work I share with my personal clients, rescues and at workshops throughout the country