Do you work with all types of animals? 

Yes, I have had the pleasure of working with personal pets, personal and professional sport horses, various animal rescues as well as farm and wildlife sanctuaries. 

Should I book a 30 minute or 60 minute session?

If you are booking a session for general wellness, a 30 minute session is generally enough time for one animal. If you are booking a session for a health or behavior challenge or for more than one animal, a 60 minute session is generally recommended. If you are unsure, you can book a 30 minute session to start and if more time is needed, you can schedule a follow up session. 


How many sessions should I expect my animal to need?

Because each animal and situation is unique, there is no set formula for how many sessions your animal may benefit from. Generally, wellness sessions are booked one at a time and on an as needed basis. For health or behavior challenges, clients generally find anywhere between one and three sessions provide maximum benefits. In some cases, whether it be a severe health challenge or hospice/end of life support, some clients choose to book weekly or every other week for maximum support. 

Can I include more than one animal in my session? 

You are welcome to include as many animals as time will allow. Generally 30 minutes is recommended for one animal to be the focus of the session. For more than one animal, 60 minutes is recommended. 



Do I need to be with my animal during our scheduled session time?

Ideally you are able to be with your animal during the session, as this allows you to see and feel what your animal is experiencing. However, it is not necessary for you to be with your animal. Even if you are not with your animal in-person, they will still receive all possible benefits from the session.



Do I need to keep my animal quiet or still during a session? 

Once the session starts, most animals get very relaxed and may even go into a deep sleep. On occasion, animals will go between relaxing, stretching and moving around. Whatever feels most natural for your animal to do during a session, is perfectly fine. 

What should I be doing during a session?


Being relaxed with an open-mind and open-heart is always beneficial for our animals, and it is especially helpful during a session. Holding a calm, open space allows our animals to feel safe to release and heal anything that is no longer serving them. 


How do I ensure my animal gets the the most out of a session? 

It is ideal if your animal can be in a comfortable, quiet location, without any distractions, so they can easily relax and feel safe to go into a deep state of healing and release.

What should I expect after a session?

Many people report that their animal stayed very relaxed and slept more than usual after

a session. This is perfectly normal and a great sign that your animal is processing and 

integrating what was released during the session. For animals who have not been feeling 

well, some people report that their animal suddenly seems more engaged and more energetic. In either case, the important thing is that you are noticing benefits from the 


If you have any other questions, please feel free to email them to erica@ericatibbetts.com.