The Art of Canine Psychology Workshop

San Diego, California July 2018

I had the pleasure of being invited to attend the 

Art of Canine Psychology workshop hosted by dog behaviorists Alicia Bloomfield, Dallas Hamilton and dog trainer Michael Fraas. I was honored to have the opportunity to briefly speak about my work and to give the attendees an overview of how using energy intuition can aide in a better understanding of what a dog is experiencing, where in their body they are guarded or holding trauma and how to assist them in moving more quickly and completely through behavior challenges. 


The Art of Canine Psychology Workshop

Blue Butterfly Ranch Lucasville, Ohio June 21 -24 2019

I will be joining dog behaviorist Alicia Bloomfield, Co-Owner & Founder of Faithful Dog K9 Training in Lucasville, Ohio, for this four day deep dive into how to better understand and support our beloved dog companions with big behavior challenges. Each dog will be worked with as an individual, with their own personality, history and needs. This workshop is designed to teach, both trainers and pet owners, how to effectively work through behavior challenges in the most wholistic way. 

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